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Exhaust & Headers

1993-1997 FZJ80 Header-Back Exhaust

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1993-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser

1996-1997 Lexus LX450
4.5 Liter 1FZ-FE
Build-to-order: Current build time is approximately 4-7days after you place your order (for rush orders email or call us first)


If you are looking for the best exhaust for your Land Cruiser or LX450, you have come to the right place. With the FZJ80 exhaust we have taken everything into consideration and made an exhaust that is by far the best on the market. Nothing else comes close.

* Optional single or dual high flow catalytic converters
* Complete 2.5" mandrel bent assembly for maximum exhaust flow and horsepower gains
* TIG welded 304 Stainless Steel for maximum strength and longevity
* Polished 304 stainless steel piping
* Dual interlock flex sections in the "y-pipe" that absorb shock and movement to avoid any stress on the exhaust or the headers and minimize any vibrations through the cabin
* Over-sized high flow stainless steel muffler
* "Over-the-frame" pipe routing for maximum ground clearance
* "Tucked" muffler and catalytic converter for maximum ground clearance
* Designed to work with aftermarket "sliders", even sliders with "cat-gaurds"
* Polished stainless steel exhaust tip
* Exhaust exits behind the right rear tire instead of the factory location. It not only looks better, but also allows for greater departure angles (optional to have tailpipe exit in stock location)

Power gains should be in the range of 10-30hp for naturally aspirated vehicles and 20-75hp for supercharged or turbocharged vehicles depending on environmental conditions.

Here is a dyno we did recently on one of the shop's 1997 Land Cruisers. This is on a 100% factory Land Cruiser with factory sized wheels and tires, compared to the same vehicle with an EMSPowered header-back exhaust system installed.

Header-Back Exhaust Fully polished 304 stainless steel header back exhaust.

Clears aftermarket sliders, even sliders with "cat-gaurds"

O2 sensor locations for the 93/94.

Front O2 sensor location for the 95-97

"Over-the-frame" pipe for maximum ground clearance. All pipes are routed over the frame.

New studs and nuts included for the O2 sensors.

Stainless steel flex sections for maximum sound deadening and vibration control.

Side exit tailpipe for maximum departure angle

Special locking fasteners included so that the nuts never come loose.

Note: This exhaust is not "certified" to be a smog legal part. But in most states will pass emissions tests. We offer both single and dual catalytic converters so that you can comply by local emissions laws in your area. Please check with your local authorities to confirm that it is legal in your place of residence.


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